What are the trustees looking for in ALL applications?

  • Information should be specific and to the point.
  • Evidence on the causes of the current situation or need.
  • What other efforts are being made to solve the problem.
  • A clear indication of what difference the grant will make.

Why do applications fail?

  • The trustees are not convinced by the case being presented.
  • Too many assumptions and unrealistic aspirations.
  • The amount requested is outside the range for the grant being applied for.
  • The bid was to fund long-term staffing commitments..
  • Financial information was insufficient and inadequate.
  • The organisation appears to have sufficient free reserves to fund the project.
  • The contact details were insufficient for the trustees to obtain further information.
  • Minor Capital Works Grants are for buildings and equipment. Including other items negates the application
  • The application was for medical or palliative care